January 2015 Tips & Inspiration

If you don’t follow me on facebook here are some of the tips and inspiration I posted about in January 2015.

January 2: Floral Inspiration Friday: Looking for something different but not too different? Check out this bouquet! Fresh flowers complimented by brooches. It’s a great combo of traditional with subtle fun. Looking for more floral and event inspiration? follow me on Pinterest!http://www.pinterest.com/pin/10625749096860984/

January 7: Wedding Tip Wednesday: Wedding shows can be a great place to find vendors and get ideas! Try to find a free small show where you’ll have a chance to actually meet and get to know vendors. A lot of the big “expos” have so many people it’s hard to get basic info. I will be working with Total Image Bridal (on-site hair and airbrush makeup) this Friday and Saturday at the Naper Settlement Bridal Showcase. This free show is one of my favorite small shows. Come by and say hi! PS: I also suggest never paying for a bridal show. Save the money!http://www.napersettlement.org/index.aspx?NID=232

January 9: Floral Inspiration Friday: When you’re looking at the awesome pictures you see in magazines and on websites, stop and ask yourself if they’re for real. The flowers may be real but was the arrangement used in an actual event? I’ve seen some spectacular arrangements at bridal shows and in magazines that would never work in real life. Sometimes the scale is huge. As in this picture from the Flower and Garden show at Navy Pier several years ago. Sometimes the flowers only needed to last a for a few photos and would never hold up to the wear and tear of a wedding day. Trust your professionals to let you know what will and won’t work. PS: Don’t forget to come by the Naper Settlement Bridal Showcase tonight from 5:30-9 and tomorrow 10-3. Admission is Free!  

January 14: Wedding Tip Wednesday: Putting together your own ceremony? Be sure to include some meaningful readings and quotes. I love this one! Need help putting together your ceremony? I do 1 time appointments where we’ll focus on the area you need help with. jennifer@jennifersuttonevents.com   

January 16: Floral Friday: Does your reception site include centerpieces? If so there is always a way to use them! At this wedding the venue included the glass and candles. Rose petals that matched the bouquets were put inside to add some color and soften the look. Great way to add your own touch and keep the budget in check!  

January 21: Wedding Tip Wednesday: Pinterest. There is a fine line between Inspiration and Overload. When looking through Pinterest, make sure you take the moment to write a note about what it is that you like or don’t like about the picture. Go through and delete as your theme/ideas change. Your vendors often want to see what you’re thinking and this is a great way to show them. Keep in mind, it’s a great place to get ideas but don’t try to copy everything you see – you’ll go crazy and will end up with a mess. Need help navigating your ideas? I’m happy to help! jennifer@jennifersuttonevents.com

January 23: Floral Inspiration Friday: It is so cool to watch an artist at work. While floral design may not be what you first think of when you think artist – the great ones truly are. Here’s some Spring Inspiration from Allium. If you’re looking for flowers, she’s my #1 suggestion!  

January 28: Wedding Tip Wednesday: Have some fun and make it creative! This couple designed their own family crest and put it on the cover of their invitations! 

January 30: Floral Inspiration Friday: Corsages don’t have to be on those elastic bands anymore! There are so many great options including pearl or rhinestone wristlettes! http://www.pinterest.com/pin/10625749096333893/


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