December 2014 Tips and Inspiration

If you didn’t see them on facebook here are my December tips and inspirations.  Be sure to like my page on facebook and get great ideas more often!

Decmeber 5: Happy Floral Friday! This incredible bouquet was created by Allium Floral. I was fortunate to be onsite with the awesome florals at this Fall wedding. If you’re looking for a free consultation for your wedding or event flowers be sure to contact Allium at: 630.890.7137/ If you need help or suggestions with any part of your wedding planning please contact me, I’m always happy to help! DSC_9713

December 10: Wedding Tip Wednesday – At the altar saying “I do” – that’s the goal but can you get there without going a little (or a lot) crazy? First step: Take a deep breath and a step back. I know you’re excited but this doesn’t need to be done in a day or even a week. Write down what you want out of the day. What are your top 3? What do you want to look back on in 10 years and remember? Write these down and look back on them when you start to get overwhelmed with the planning process. And remember – it’s ok to ask for help!


December 12: Floral Inspiration Friday! This bridal bouquet was for a Bears themed wedding. There’s always a way to work your favorite things into your wedding- just ask me how! I designed and made this bouquet for a Weddings by Denise bride a few years ago.

Bears themed wedding with flowers to coordinate
Bears themed wedding with flowers to coordinate

Wedding Tip Wednesday – All these people! Who are they going to be? When writing down your initial guest list, write down everyone you can possibly think of inviting – don’t hold back. Have your fiance, parents and his parents (anyone involved with the guest list) also do this. See where you overlap, see where you surprise each other. It’s much easier to say, we really don’t need to invite Aunt Sally’s next door neighbor, than, AHH we forgot to invite Aunt Sally’s next door neighbor! Do this PRIOR to looking for a reception site.


December 19: Floral Inspiration Friday – It’s the little details that make a difference. This bridal bouquet had 4 charms around the handle, each one with a picture of a grandma who was watching from Heaven. The hankie wrapped around the handle had been carried down the aisle by every bride on the grooms side for 3 generations. Not everyone may have noticed or known the significance at the wedding, but the bride and groom did.

handle detail

December 24: Wedding Tip Wednesday: Relax and enjoy the holidays with your family! Nothing needs to be decided or discussed in the next few days. Take yourself out of planning mode and instead ask the people around you how long they’ve been married and what they remember most from their wedding day. Their answers may help you when you get back to planning.

December 26: Floral Inspiration Friday: A holiday time wedding doesn’t have to mean red and green! This beautiful bouquet is an elegant take on a winter wedding color scheme. Follow me on pinterest for more floral and event inspirations!

December 31: Wedding Tip Wednesday: Think a bit outside the box for your ceremony… Try a theatre in the round set up for your ceremony!


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