When I’m 64 Party

Growing up my dad played a lot of music from “his day” – including a lot of Beatles.  My siblings and I have seen the Beatles movies multiple times.  So a few years ago I had an idea – a very grand idea – of throwing a huge “When I’m 64” surprise party for him.  Of course this idea included winning the lottery and hiring a cover band but budget limitations (and non-winning tickets) led to settling for my brothers ipod.   I think we had a great time.  We got some of his favorite party foods (Jewel Chicken & Costco cake), rented the gym where he coached track & cross country for 20 years, invited family, friends, neighbors and kids he coached.  The best part?  We actually surprised him!!!  I thought it had been blown several times over and my dad always figures these things out – but somehow we did it!  Huge thanks to all of the family and friends who helped and came to celebrate!  Also, special thanks to the track kids who lured him into the gym after church – he really had NO clue!  Here are some of the details…



Mom painted this poster to have everyone sign
Found a great poster online “Magical Mystery Tour – 100 Beatles Songs” Of 100 songs hidden in the poster the whole party could only find 41!
Fun glasses – guests really got a kick out of them!


Costco cake, some icing and sprinkles, google search, print and skewers 🙂
Fun with food! Strawberry fields
Let it BLT bites – so simple, made the bacon, cut it up the night before, chopped some lettuce and a cherry tomato. They were a big hit!
Can’t have a party without Grandma’s layered jello.
Our Octopus’s Garden Background to the buffet



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