Just Save Money

When wandering into the wonderful world of wedding planning one is often overwhelmed by all of the options.  To be blunt there is a reason it is called “the wedding industry”.  Everyone is trying to figure out how to get you to spend more money – even if  you don’t really need to.  I know, I know, it’s hard to see pictures in magazines, on all the major wedding sites, on pinterest, at friends weddings, facebook stalking old friends and not think, “hey I NEED that”.  But if you are able to step back for a moment  and really think about it you may find that it’s ok to say no. Here are some of the best ways to just save money:

Save the Dates – unless you have a destination wedding where you need hotel reservations months in advance – you don’t need them.

Favors – No one wants them, No one needs them.  If you must: edible or donate to a worthy cause

The “IT” fad that started 10 years ago – martini luges, photobooths, candy buffets, specialty drinks

Shoes – If you have a long dress no one is going to see them.  Wear comfy sandals or gym shoes.

Huge Centerpieces – If your reception hall includes something decent – do it.  The huge things you see in photo shoots cost a fortune and guests will put them on the floor if they obstruct their view.

Be my bridesmaid gifts – What is this?  Seriously if you must do something, take them out for lunch or a drink instead of getting them one more thing.  This is a very new fad that is just about spending money and outdoing the last person.

Hangy stuff – pom poms, fans, lanterns, etc.  First, will your location hang it for you?  Is there an extra fee?  Will it really make a difference?  What are you going to do with it after?

As for what will you do with it after…so many things will make for that “one great photo” but what are you going to do with it all after?  The “bride” robe, the cute signs “here comes your girl”, “Happily ever after begins here”.  Can you rent these items or do them for less if you find them to be a “must have”?

Find the few things you keep thinking about and coming back to – that’s where to spend your money.  Focus on the fact that this is a marriage, not a one-day-blow-every-penny-party.  It will be fun and memorable because of the people you are and the people you surround yourself with.


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