Naper Settlement Bridal Showcase

I had a great weekend working at the Naper Settlement Bridal Showcase with Total Image Bridal.  Total Image is a great company that I have had the honor of doing marketing for, for the last 3 years.  They do an amazing job making you look perfect for your wedding day.  They specialize in airbrush makeup and do hair as well.  The company has won many awards for their work and I love going to the show each year to promote them.

This year was a little different.  After coming up with my concept for the Bridal Basics class, I had to figure out where I would host this.  Park districts weren’t quite a fit but then I talked to Christa, the owner at Total Image, about it.  She immediately loved the idea and said “have the classes here!”.   So while I loved showing the newly engaged and their parents the great things that Total Image can do, I also got to talk about my class.   The response I received was great!  I met and talked with so many great couples that reinforced a lot of what I had come to think: planning a wedding is overwhelming and stressful and fun and wow –  Do I need help?  Can I afford help?

I am so excited to meet with them in a few weeks and help them navigate.  In the next few days I am going to figure out how to get more pictures and thoughts in here.  In the meantime, please enjoy my tiny gallery here or my gallery at

As always, if you have any thoughts or questions please feel welcome to contact me.


PS: Here’s a fun picture from a baby shower this past spring where we had a make your own pancake station!  It was a huge hit and the staff at Seven Bridges Golf Club did a great job!

Made to order pancake station with a lot of topping choices
Made to order pancake station with a lot of topping choices

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